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Caterham introduced its lighter model

Caterham introduced its lighter model

The new Japanese owner of VT Holdings was choked up on the acquisition of Caterham that he would stick to the tradition of pure light sports cars inspired by the Lotus Seven. And the first act only proves it.

The Seven 170 is the lightest of the production variants. In the 170R version, the current 490 kg is reduced from the previous 160 variant by 50 kg.

While the civilian version of the 170S offers road-tuned suspension, silver wheels, windshields, stretch ceiling and sidewalls or leather seats, the 170R goes to the extreme.

It has a really stiffer all-round suspension, black wheels, a self-locking differential, scalloped seats, a dashboard and other carbon accessories, four-point belts, a Momo steering wheel with an Alcantara-upholstered wreath and a windshield as standard.

Under the hood, as with its predecessor, it is enough to have three supercharged cylinders with a volume of 660 cc. The Suzuki engine has a power of 63 kW, 85 hp and 116 Nm of torque. In conjunction with a five-speed manual transmission, the car goes from zero to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 160 km / h.

The basis is traditionally a group. Seven 170S in boxes amounting to 22,900 pounds, approximately 678 thousand crowns, 170R to 23,990 pounds, 708 thousand crowns. If the customer does not want to deal with the assembly, it is enough to pay about 70 thousand kroner and the car will be delivered to him ready.