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“Caught in the act.” A video was published of the arrest of two employees at the Jeddah Court in Saudi Arabia while they were receiving a bribe

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority in Saudi Arabia announced the arrest of two employees of the General Court in Jeddah Governorate, Thursday, because they had received a bribe from a citizen, according to what was published by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Thursday.

The commission arrested “Ayman Abdul-Razzaq Muhammad Salawati, who works in the General Court in Jeddah Governorate at the sixth rank,” and “Ali Muhammad Ahmed Al-Doqi, who works as director of the office of the President of the General Court in Jeddah Governorate at the ninth rank,” according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

The authority indicated that the first employee received an amount of 250,000 Saudi riyals (about 66,000 US dollars) out of 500,000 Saudi riyals as a “bribe from a citizen in return for opening sessions in the Court of Appeal and overturning the ruling issued against him in an existing case between him and one of the invested companies in Jeddah.” And the judge ordered him to fine an amount of (7,317,000) seven million, three hundred and seventeen thousand riyals.

The authority said that the agreement included that the second employee receive his share from the first installment, amounting to 125,000 Saudi riyals, in exchange for his role in the aforementioned case.

And the official Saudi Al-Ekhbariya channel published a video clip entitled, “Caught in the act… two employees of the Jeddah court who had received a financial bribe were arrested.”

It was not clear whether the video, which was published by the Saudi channel, was about the two people who were arrested by the Anti-Corruption Authority.

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