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الاحتفاء بسينما التحريك في أفريقيا وتكريم المخرجة الفنانة شويكار خليفة

Celebrating animation cinema in Africa and honoring director, artist Shwikar Khalifa

As part of its celebration of the 85th anniversary of animation in Egypt and Africa, the African Film Club, organized by the Luxor African Film Festival in cooperation with the Cultural Development Fund Sector, celebrates at 6 pm tomorrow, Saturday (July 3), at El Hanager Cinema in the world of animated films in Africa. A number of the most important African animation films were dedicated by Asifa Egypt, the regional branch of the International Animation Federation, including films directed by Major Mustafa El Hassan from Niger and Celia Sawadogo from Burkina Faso and other distinguished short films from Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Madagascar and Algeria.

The book “Animation in Africa” ​​by Dr. Mohamed Ghazaleh will also be signed, which was issued by the festival in two different versions between 2013 and 2021 in both English and Arabic, in which it deals with the history of animation cinema and its arts on the continent, through an analytical study of the experiences of pioneers in most countries of the continent, starting with Brothers Frenkel in 1936 and Anton Selim and brothers Moheeb and Ihab Shaker in Egypt, passing through different experiences in most African countries during and after foreign colonialism, influenced by modern technical and technological development.

The club also honors the great animation director (Shwikar Khalifa) by giving her the shield of the tenth session of the festival for her efforts in the local workshops in Luxor over the past ten years, and the evening will be attended by artist Salwa Muhammad Ali, who will deliver the honor shield. She is a member of the festival’s higher committee and played a major role in the world of children’s series and programmes.

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A symposium will also be held on the book, attended by scriptwriter Sayed Fouad, director Azza Al-Husseini, artist Mohsen Mansour and Tariq Abdel Aziz, and a group of critics and artists, and directed by critic and writer Osama Abdel Fattah.