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CENTRAL – Ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Denmark: We support the brave struggle of Ukrainians

The ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Denmark said in a statement, “It marks one year since the brutal and unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which thousands of innocent Ukrainians were killed and millions were forced to flee. Tonight the ambassadors of Australia, Denmark, Japan and the United Kingdom Let’s light up the embassies, our embassies in Beirut are in the color of the Ukrainian flag, and we do this because our countries share not only one embassy complex, but also common values: respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter, territorial integrity and human rights. Therefore, we shake hands with Ukraine. We stand in an impossible unity.”

“Ukrainians defend their right, our right and the right of every individual to live freely, and we applaud and support their courage in the face of this aggression, because Russia cannot and will not win.”

The statement continued: “Russia has always underestimated Ukraine and plans to conquer it within three days. After 365 days, Ukraine continues to liberate its lands and push back Russian forces, and this gives hope for Ukraine’s long-term ability to withstand Russian aggression. It is necessary to respect Ukraine’s unity. Ukraine’s lands and sovereignty and the United Nations Charter to achieve lasting peace. The Russian invasion has led to global suffering, the consequences of which have touched Lebanon and other countries. Food insecurity in the world has hit the poor hard, and the Lebanese people have to bear the brunt of Russian expansionist ambitions. A year ago, Russia’s actions in the Middle East should not be doubted. Lebanon, the first country to object, stands by the United Nations Charter and many friends and the majority of the international community.

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He concluded: “Today, we raise the Ukrainian flag in support of the Ukrainian people and their courageous struggle against Russian aggression. We are in Beirut, five countries from four continents share this complex as good neighbors, and we stand together in support of Ukraine. And it will defend it with great courage. values. They are values ​​that we and all of Lebanon share.”