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Centuries later, the lost Amazon cities were found with the "sky laser"

Centuries later, the lost Amazon cities were found with the “sky laser”

These cities were built between 500-1400 AD, and they are located in the savannah forests in BoliviaIt has been hidden under thick tree canopies for centuries.

The cities feature an array of intricate structures, unlike previously discovered in the area, including 16-foot-high terraces covering 54 acres – the equivalent of 30 football fields – and 69-foot-high conical pyramids.

The international team of researchers found from United kingdom And theGermany Also, an extensive network of reservoirs, bridges and checkpoints stretching for several miles.

The researchers say this discovery challenges the view Amazon as a historically “native” landscape, explaining that it was home to early “urbanization” that indigenous peoples established and managed thousands of years ago.

José Iriart of the University of Exeter said: “We have long suspected that the most complex pre-Columbian societies in the entire basin evolved in this part of the Bolivian Amazon, but the evidence is hidden under the jungle canopy and it is difficult to visit in person.”

The “Lidar” system revealed built terraces, straight bridges, annexes with checkpoints and water tanks, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

“There are huge structures just a mile away that are connected by 600 miles of canals and tall, high bridges that connect sites, reservoirs and lakes,” Erieart added.

Until the late twentieth century, it was suspected that the Amazon could support anything other than hunter-gatherer tribes.

and the Mogos plains, located on the southwestern edge of the Amazon منطقةIt is flooded several months a year during the rainy season, which makes it unsuitable for permanent settlement, according to the research team.

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