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Channel: 123 immigrants detained trying to go to England

Channel: 123 immigrants detained trying to go to England

The French Coast Guard detained 123 migrants in several boats in the Pass-de-Calais region on Monday, July 12.

Yesterday, Monday, July 12, the French Coast Guard took several steps to intercept and rescue boats in a critical situation in which passengers were trying to reach the United Kingdom.

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During the operation, the French Coast Guard rescued 37 migrants “stranded on a sandy beach and isolated by high waves” off the coast of the Dunkirk region, according to a report released by the Directorate of Maritime Channel and the North Sea. .

He added, “The rescued were unable to reach the migrants, so a helicopter had to be used to transport them. They all returned to Khalis and were taken into custody by the Border Police.”

After a French naval vehicle found them and diverted them to the port of Bologna-sur-Mer, the navy also recorded the intervention of 55 migrants on a boat, including 10 women and two children.

Twenty-seven migrants were assisted by an SNSM boat in the Gravel area, while four migrants were rescued by a police vehicle on Sankat beach and returned to the port of Kalais.

In addition, the French Coast Guard on Friday, July 9, stopped 103 operations in several operations.

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Despite the danger of the sea route, attempts to cross the channel into the United Kingdom have increased since the end of 2018, and by 2020 alone there were more than 9,500 crossing attempts, four times the number in 2019.

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