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The new release of Set News is in the newsstands.

The set is in the newsstands. “Melissa in the United States” on the cover. Little Melissa flew to the United States: Solcosma’s management is waiting for her. ” Adequate waiting for a woman with type 1 SMA: The bureaucracy in Italy is too long. Inside “Family Behavior”. Domestic harassment and bullying behavior: Three cases have been identified in monopoly. One person threatened agents with a knife to a former prospective partner. “Seizure of a restaurant in Capitol”. Structure formed in the restricted area: induces epilepsy. It covers an area of ​​100 square meters adjacent to a popular restaurant Al Capitolo. “Regional Calendar for Vaccine Reservations”. Calendar dates for upcoming bookings. Priorities are linked to weakness and age conditions. No reservation is required for vulnerable persons and persons over 80 years of age But they will contact their doctor. “Covit postponed to monopoly-Palermo”. The Palermo Club integrates with the monopoly. Fans on both teams appreciate the effort. In this magazine, detailed pages of news, politics, current affairs, sports, columns and events. Set news is present in all newsstands in Monopoly.

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