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Channel: About 80 immigrants were rescued on the French and British side

Channel: About 80 immigrants were rescued on the French and British side

Overnight, French and British patrols rescued about 80 migrants trying to cross the canal into the United Kingdom.

The cold did not stop the emigrants’ attempt to cross the English Channel. From Sunday, December 26, to the night of December 27, 40 migrants were rescued by a French naval vessel and, when they encountered difficulties, were reported to the Surveillance and Rescue Center at Gray-Ni, off the coast of Dunkirk in northern France.

The migrants were later unloaded at the port of Calais and taken care of by the Border Police and Emergency Services.

According to figures from the Interior Ministry, according to the local newspaper La Fox to Nord, Dunkirk now has most migrant boats attempting to cross the English Channel (32%), followed by the Calais Beaches (28%).

On the British side, many more boats are being intercepted by emergency services and the Border Police. From Sunday to Monday night, 36 migrants were detained at sea, a BBC correspondent reported.

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About 30,000 immigrants by 2021

On Saturday morning, December 25, the British Coast Guard detained 67 people trying to reach the British coast. Between December 16 and 19, more than 1,000 immigrants have already arrived in the UK.

By 2021, about 27,000 migrants from France will have crossed the dangerous canal, three times more than by 2020. This year, 36 immigrants lost their lives this way, 27 of whom died during the boat tragedy that settled in France. November 24.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Utopia filed 56 complaints on December 20, accusing them of “arson” and “failure to provide assistance.” Officers targeted Philippe Dautereau, director of the Surveillance and Rescue Center at Gray-Ne, the French naval governor of the English Channel and the North Sea, and officers from the British Coast Guard.

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