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Channel: Britain’s statement on Russia’s plans for Ukraine is based on US intelligence data

AP Alex Brandon

The British Sky News channel reported that the UK’s statement about “Russia’s seeking to install a pro-Russian president in Ukraine” is based on US intelligence, not British.

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The United States: British accusations against Russia over Ukraine are very worrying

“As Sky News has understood, the British Foreign Office’s allegations about Russia’s plans to install a pro-Kremlin government in Kiev are based on US intelligence, not British,” the channel’s defense and security reports editor, Deborah Haynes, said on Twitter today.

In a telephone interview to the channel, Haynes confirmed that the British Foreign Office statement did not specify the source of the “information” it transmitted, noting that it relied on US intelligence data.

On Saturday evening, the British Foreign Office published a statement saying: “We have information that the Russian government is seeking to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev, while contemplating whether Ukraine should be invaded and occupied.”

The British Foreign Office claimed that the Russian government is considering the possibility of nominating a former deputy in the Ukrainian parliament, Yevgeny Murrayev, to take over this role.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Britain’s statement is nonsense and new evidence that it is NATO that is escalating tension over Ukraine, calling on the United Kingdom to “stop provocative activities.”

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