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Channel: More than 200 migrants arrive in the UK in small boats in two days

Channel: More than 200 migrants arrive in the UK in small boats in two days

British authorities registered more than 200 immigrants on Thursday, March 24 and 25, following the interception of more than 900 migrants between France and the United Kingdom last Tuesday, March 22. French authorities detained more than two hundred immigrants as they tried to cross.

On Thursday, March 24, 190 immigrants crossed the English Channel into the United Kingdom. According to the British Home Office. Meanwhile, the media pointed out that about 77 people had passed away on Friday, March 25th. The immigrants arrived at Kent Beach in six boats on Thursday and two boats on Friday. French authorities intercepted more than 150 people in two days.

Since its inception, the past week has seen a large number of migrants crossing the coast of France. On Tuesday, March 22, British authorities detained 405 immigrants, including children. French authorities detained 538 migrants in a single day According to the Guardian newspaper. According to the latest figures, more than 2,500 immigrants arrived in the UK through the channel in March alone, three times more than the number of immigrants entering the country via the channel in March last year.

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Immigration Minister Tom Bursklov said it was “unacceptable” to cross the canal dangerously. “This is not only a clear violation of immigration laws, it also affects UK taxpayers, who could risk their lives to help refugees come to the UK,” he added.

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The Minister pointed out that the government has taken strict action against human traffickers through the National and Borders Act. This made it a crime to enter the state illegally.

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On Friday, March 11, a court in Dunkirk, France, sentenced three Iraqi Kurds to life in prison on charges of facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants, endangering the lives of others and creating an organized mob.

The sentences include up to three to five years in prison for two defendants (described by the lawyer as one of the most important leaders in the kidnapping network), and permanently barring them from entering French territory. A third person was sentenced to 30 months in prison.