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Chaos and screaming.  The expected experience between Apple and Epic was like a farce

Chaos and screaming. The expected experience between Apple and Epic was like a farce

VentureBeat described the scene at the start of the trial as “a very funny circus,” according to an article on The Verge. There were reportedly more than 200 people on the line, many of whom shouted “Freedom for Fortnite” or “Please bring Fortnite back to cell phones, Judge.”

A complaint was heard late Monday in California court when officials repeatedly failed to block sound from a public line. And the public definitely made themselves known. At first they did not believe that they were reporting the news, but the chaos soon erupted, during which, in addition to the pleas made to the judge, the music was heard, someone even took the opportunity to promote his YouTube channel.

App Store President Phil Schiller is in court.

Foto: Brittany Hosea-small, Reuters

“I hope (Epic Games president) Tim Sweeney knows what he’s doing.” An spectator said, “If he does that now, we won’t get iOS back.” We just want to go back to cell phones. Another said. According to VentureBeat, there was no shortage of vulgarity, and at one point dozens of people seemed to be screaming.

“I think the phone lines are under control,” said Judge Yvette Gonzalez Rogers, when she reinstated order at 8:30. “There will be no problem from now on,” she added.

Fee dispute

The dispute has erupted between Apple and Epic Games over the accusations. If games or other apps are offered through official Apple and Google stores, both companies charge 15 to 30 percent commission on transactions.

An example from Fortnite

Photo: Creators Archive

The tech giants responded immediately, pulling Fortnite from the App Store and Google Play. It’s clear that Epic Games has been waiting for it, and in the photo, they are suing both companies over monopolizing the mobile market and abusing their position.

While Google has lowered the fees itself, the dispute with Apple will be decided by a court.

Fortnite is a free title, where players can easily spend thousands of crowns. Unlike many competing titles, their dealings do not gain any competitive advantage, but only more interesting outfits, various dances and other similar modifications.