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جارديان: 1500 "رحلة شبح" غادرت من مطارات بريطانيا خلال 3 أشهر

Chaos at UK airports due to “suitcase mountains” … Photos

The chaos at UK airports intensified on Monday, with EasyJet cutting thousands of flights to reduce the risk of disruption over the summer, while passengers in Heathrow were canceled due to a “mountain of bags”.

According to the Guardian newspaper, Warwick Brady, CEO of the airline, said:Swiss Games: “I think there will be some challenges, from a legal standpoint, to imposing restrictions on airlines”

The Ministry of Transport and the Civil Aviation Authority last week asked carriers to review their schedules and confirm that flights are “deliverable”, after a shortage of staff, airlines and airports were unable to keep pace with the increase in travel due to the removal of Govt restrictions.

EasyJet announced on Monday that it was “merging” several airlines in advance to respond to subsequent restrictions on flights at its two major airports, London Gatwick and Amsterdam, to give customers time to reconsider and reschedule their flights.

According to the report, the lights of other airports are also likely to be affected.

EasyJet plans to cancel a limited number of flights, but said it would operate 90% of the 160,000 aircraft it delivered in the summer of 2019, which was previously estimated to reach 97% of the aircraft’s pre-capacity. Between July and September.

Heathrow Airport, meanwhile, asked airlines at Terminals 2 and 3 to reduce their flights by 10% on Monday, leading to the accumulation of thousands of unsold luggage over the weekend.

The airport said only 30 flights and 5,000 passengers were affected on Monday, with many facing the loss or delay of baggage from international flights.

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