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Charging an electric car for 500 km in 3 minutes - the revolution is here

Charging an electric car for 500 km in 3 minutes – the revolution is here

The biggest problem for electric cars – short range and long charging – is being solved by Nio’s groundbreaking technology. In three minutes, you can recharge up to one hundred percent and hundreds of kilometers more.

It is widely known that the biggest problem with electric vehicles is their range and the need for continuous (and prolonged) charging. Even one “happens”. A big battery revolution that will erase these limits once and for all, the situation will remain essentially the same. Opponents of new technologies will still successfully argue that they fill the tank for 1000 km in a few minutes, while supporters of “electricity” will not say anything about it. However, this change may not be so far-fetched. Read, this is a revolution.

Shall we not expedite shipping? So let’s do it differently

The principle itself is basically simple. It is based on a practical assessment of the situation: current battery technology is what it is. Moreover, it has its pros and cons until its birth Something completely different really, let’s work on what we have. This is not a culpable course of action. So how do you reduce the time spent on the charger to the necessary minimum? Simply. Don’t charge anything, just replace the battery with a charged one, similar to how you replace it in a camera or wall clock.

And theImage source: Nio

Innovative technology in Northern Europe

Of course, we’re in the 21st century, so no one would likely expect a worker with a “lizard” and a bottle of ten under the wheel. The Chinese manufacturer Nio, which was the first to create this technology, has completed the system alternatives in the form of fully automatic stations, Where you just need to drive, turn off the ignition, text your spouse or partner and check the football scores – it’s loaded. And although the attached video is very similar to footage from the Matrix movie trilogy, the invention of the Chinese manufacturer certainly cannot be denied.

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Despite all the sci-fi semblance, this concept is totally real and closer than we think. The first charging stations (or rather “interchange”) are assembled by Nio in Norway, a country that generally promised electric mobility. And he has no problem with that. Technology that relies on a sufficient number of spare batteries that are constantly recharged And the car changed in a few minutes, after all, once interested even Elon Musk. Ultimately, he rejected the concept, claiming that it would not spread outside of China. But it happened, which is only good for Europeans. Norway is one of the main markets for Tesla. Will Elon change his mind in the end?