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Checking your cell phone is as bad as it sounds

The study authors came out with a fairly simple, inexpensive, and uncomplicated experiment, in which the participants became fit people. The researchers suddenly picked up their mobile phone at the company and looked at something on it, or just pretended. Moment. Then, for thirty seconds, they monitored the area and asked how many people had been injured. That was about halfway through Servant of the Smithsonian Public Corporation.

We are simulating the yen, and we don’t even think about it

Tm Elisabetty Palagi of the University of Pisa and Veronika Maglieri student saw 184 people. In 820 cases, in parks, in restaurants, on public transport, in al-Khidr. The researcher, who was triggered, either stared at the screen while controlling it, or looked away and blindly played with the phone.

Zvn as preparation for hunting. Witness the impact of lv sady


A person can be physiologically discharged, acidified, and cooled by the brain. Because the cyst is so hard for mammals, scientists didn’t know. Now lv tells them to pay attention. Collective outside assistance helps synchronize the movement and coordinate activities such as hunting, youth rearing, and defense against foreigners.

The first variable took about a minute to resemble about fifty percent of the surrounding people, the second was not otherwise attractive, and its range was only half a percent. In the form of a faucet, we pay attention to the mobile phone, Comment on the results of the new Palagi server.

And just how strong the mobile phone rush is, as Veronica Maglery’s story showed. During a one-shot experience, her victim became a master, and her reaction was that within a second of handcuffs, she picked up her cell phone and called someone. Hal, hello, I just wanted to call you, and I don’t even want to, I started a call.

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Most people are infected, not even at all, Palagi adds. The virus had no exceptions, so researchers cut birds and strangers completely, regardless of age, regardless of gender.

Study a car vydan v magaznu Journal of Ethology Immediately explain what is behind the strength of the model. He knows that phenomenon called the chameleon effect, and the fact that people adjust me is a phenomenon that corresponds to what is happening around them. I want to bite, I don’t want to be isolated, I want to join. Share zvn, share facial expressions, gestures. Evolution has developed this phenomenon in support of social bonds. Balaji explains that we need to adhere to the standards that the people around us place on us, and automatically fit in with someone.

Mobilen paradox

Server Jak vak poznamenv SentinelJust in the case of a mobile phone, it is paradoxically similar. I must support social contacts, the first use of a smartphone is a one-on-one activity. Balaji agrees that smartphones can increase social isolation and disrupt activities taking place in real life. And what’s more, people who don’t have a cell phone, if there is anything left to do, they can’t even imitate it. They can be rewarded with specially isolated extras.

Although the ability of transmissible infection was general, one situation posed a major challenge to her: food. If people eat, they are often encouraged to check their cell phones. Cars cars vydan v magaznu Journal of Ethology During the communal feast, he explained, the common people have other methods of maintaining social cohesion, such as fatal killing, and gestures.

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The study was very large, but her trial took place between May and the year of youth. So during the pandemic and all their care. Therefore, the researchers themselves admit that her results may have been influenced by these circumstances.