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Chef Forget will oversee the quality at McDonald’s. Signed for three years

During the first year of cooperation, Foreget will focus primarily on suppliers and raw materials, revealing the secrets of the legendary French fries, and how exactly and from what kind of burgers are prepared, they will move to the fields and pastures. The first thing you’ll be interested in foraget is the potatoes.

“I do not hide the fact that I am a fan of McDonald’s and love to eat there. But the main reason is that I want to refute some conspiracy theories about different dishes. There are opinions that french fries are not made from potatoes, but from different alternatives,” Přemek Forejt said while tasting Personal for burgers served in the original recipe as well as in the new recipe.

innocent stings

A new collaboration grew out of an innocent stab at a celebrity chef. During February, Vorigt visited several Olomouc companies, where he tried the breakfast menu. He didn’t even miss the local McDonald’s, arguing a bit about the local fries.

“I really like them, but I’ve been wondering for a while how they look and taste the same everywhere, for so many years. And so I stabbed Mickey a little bit on Instagram,” says Přemek Forejt.

Then he posted everything on social media, where he also tagged the company and their reaction was waiting for him. “Přemek’s alert surprised and entertained us at the same time. We wondered how to convince him that our French fries were really just potatoes? We came to the only possible conclusion – to explain and show everything to him in person,” says Jitka Pajurková, Director of Public Relations and Communications at McDonald’s CR and SK There are a lot of legends about our food and we are glad that a character from Czech gastronomy has opened up the topic.The company responded with an invitation to the kitchen, and so an unexpected collaboration slowly began to take shape.

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In the past three months, McDonald’s has started working with new technologies, improving burgers and improving the overall impression and taste of the offered dishes. Three of their leaders, Double Cheeseburger, McRoyal and Big Mac, have undergone major changes.

“While these seemingly small changes include a new way to prepare meat and onions or a new bun recipe, the result is a fresh, consistent look to our beef burger,” McDonald’s Cheek and Tibor Nezer say.