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Chelsea's boat owner stands in the harbor after sanctions are imposed on him!

Chelsea’s boat owner stands in the harbor after sanctions are imposed on him!

AFP reports that the luxury boat owned by the Russian billionaire owner of the Chelsea Football Club, which is under sanctions due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was docked off the coast of Montenegro on Saturday.

Roman Abramovich’s 140-meter boat sails to Porto Montenegro on the Solaris, Adriatic coast.

Local media, which has been monitoring the boat’s movements on maritime surveillance websites in recent days, said the boat left the Spanish port of Barcelona on March 8 in the Mediterranean.

After the United Kingdom froze his assets on Thursday and banned him from traveling as part of a new embargo against seven Russian elites, it was described as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, which the Chelsea owner has denied.

The next day Canada followed suit, saying he and four others would be “banned from doing business in Canada and their assets frozen.”

The 55-year-old businessman, who is said to have traveled frequently from Montenegro and neighboring Croatia, is rumored to own half a dozen boats. The UK has also imposed sanctions on Russian businessman Oleg Deribaska.

Montenegro media reported that a Teribasca boat, known as “Sputnik”, was spotted leaving Porto Montenegro on Friday.

Abramovich has already announced his intention to sell Chelsea ahead of the UK ban, with a group of potential buyers expressing their interest in the club, which has won 19 major trophies since its acquisition in 2003.

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