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Chief of Staff of the Russian Army on the Donbass front... Was he injured there?

Chief of Staff of the Russian Army on the Donbass front… Was he injured there?

“What we can confirm is that we know that last week he spent several days in Donbass,” a senior US Defense Department official told reporters.

He continued, “We don’t think it’s still there,” and said that US Department of Defense You think he “left and went back to RussiaHe added, “We cannot confirm the authenticity of reports that he was injured.”

Reports, citing Ukrainian officials, said that on Saturday, Ukrainian forces bombed a command center in Izyum that he visited. GerasimovChief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, to meet with senior field commanders.

But Gerasimov appears to have left when the strike was carried out.

It is believed that Gerasimov was touring the front line to see the situation on the ground and mobilize his forces after they failed to control the area. Kyiv In the north of Ukraine, after launching a campaign to control my region Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine.

In a daily briefing on the attack on Ukraine, the US Defense Department official said Monday that Russian forces are making little progress and are engaged in fierce battles with Ukrainian forces in the region.

“We are still seeing minimal advances by Russian forces in Donbass,” the official said. isium and Popamsna in Lugansk Oblast”.

And he said Ukrainian officials The Russians control villages and then take them back from Ukrainian fighters, noting that Russian forces She lost morale and suffers from weakness in leadership and organization.

official said The Pentagon Russia’s efforts on the ground are “very lackluster, very uneven, and in some cases, frankly, best described as meager.”

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The official did not provide any assessment of the situation Ukrainian forces.

The official explained that supply United State Ukraine’s Western allies with weapons, including heavy artillery, radar systems, and attack drones, are reaching out at a rapid pace.

In the last 24 hours, 24 planes loaded with US weapons have landed near Ukraine, and 11 additional planes are scheduled to land in the next 24 hours, according to officials.

In addition, 23 cargo planes loaded with weapons and combat supplies dispatched by five countries landed at key delivery points.