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Chiellini explains his “strange” behavior with Alba before the penalty shootout

Reuters/Andy Rinne

Italian international Giorgio Chiellini revealed his “famous incident” with Spain captain Gudri Alba, during the draw for the penalty shootout in the two teams’ match, in the semi-finals of the European Nations Cup.

Giorgio Chiellini appeared in an unfamiliar scene with the captain of the Spain national team, Jordi Alba, during the draw for the penalty shootout, with the German international referee Felix Brych, at Wembley Stadium in the British capital, London.

Veteran defender Chiellini, aged 36, entered into a cheerful conversation with Alba, and took a strange and interesting joke with him, as he waved his hands at times, shook hands and hugged the Spaniard at other times and laughed.

Chiellini said in statements he made during an interview with the Italian Football Federation, commenting on the incident: “A lot has been said about what happened.”

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And the captain of the Italian national team explained: “We were holding a draw for the penalty shootout, the referee said that one side of the coin is red and the other blue, when the result came on the red side, Jordi thought it was in his favour, but I joked with him and said that it was not.”

Chiellini continued about his picture with Locatelli after qualifying: “After the first kick, I was disappointed, we exchanged feelings that will remain forever, and in the end we hugged each other and cried.”

And Manuel Locatelli had missed the first penalty kick for Italy, but they qualified at the expense of Spain (4-2) after they tied in the original time (1-1) and the extra time without goals.

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Giorgio talked about the final, to which Italy qualified for the fourth time in its history, saying: “Playing in the final is a dream come true. At first we thought that Mancini was crazy when he told us that we should think about winning the title.”

Italy has only won the European Championship once, in 1968.

The Italian national team is currently preparing to face its English counterpart, who has never won the tournament, in the final match of the 16th edition of the European Football Championship “Euro 2020”, next Sunday, at Wembley Stadium in the British capital, London.

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