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Children of the stars compete with parents in Ramadan

The current Ramadan season is witnessing the participation of a number of children of the stars who decided to complete the path of their fathers in the world of art, and one of the most prominent of these children. “Maryam” is the youngest daughter of the Captain of Actors, “Ashraf Zaki” and his wife, actress Rogina, and she is preparing for her first acting experience through the series “Sithom”, which is currently being shown. Working with her mother “Rogina”. It is noteworthy that the series is starring Iyad Nassar, Jihad Saad, Nancy Salah and Bayoumi Fouad. The artist, Amr Saad, used the help of his son, “Rabi”, and shared him with him in his series “Al-Ajhar”, and this was not the first time that the son participated with his father. They worked together on five previous artworks, namely “Hadid”, “Younis Weld Fedda”, “A Security Situation”, “Pharaoh’s Campaign” and “Baraka”. It is noteworthy that the series “Al-Ajhar” starring “Dora”, “Sayed Ragab” and “Amr Abdel-Galil”. The son of the artist, “Kamal Aburia”, participates in the series “Sitham” with the artist Rogina, and this is not his first appearance. As his mother, Magda Zaki, participated in her famous series, “Qout Al Quloub”, which was shown in 2020. The son of the artist, “Khaled Al Nabawy”, continues his brilliance in the world of acting. As he participates in two works this first season, the series “Al-Ajhar” and “Diary of a Husband”, starring “Tareq Lotfi”. The son of the screenwriter, Amr Mahmoud Yassin, participates in the series “Battalion 101.” During the events of the series “Battalion 101,” Mahmoud presents the role of the martyr recruiter “Ahmed Esmat.” The series includes a large number of stars such as “Aser Yassin” and “Amr Youssef.” . She participates with the artist “Ghada Abdel Razek” in the series “Talat Al-Talata”. The series belongs to the genre of works of mystery, crime and suspense, and it consists of 15 episodes starring “Mustafa Darwish” and “Salah Abdullah”. The trio appeared with their father for the second year in a row in a new video clip shown on their father’s YouTube channel, called “Ramadan Kareem”. Their father made sure not to show them in public events and places for years.