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Children's March in London calls on the royal family to green their lands to promote biodiversity

Children’s March in London calls on the royal family to green their lands to promote biodiversity

A children’s march to Buckingham Palace in central London on Saturday called for Queen Elizabeth II to take a new environmental approach to her land to boost biodiversity across the country.
Crowds of children and their parents took part in the march from the vicinity of Green Park to the Queen’s official residence, to submit a petition with more than 100,000 signatures asking the royal family to return its lands “to its natural state”.

The children, many of whom had decorated their hair with roses, carried colorful banners calling for “the restoration of royal lands to their innate state.”

The petition called on the royal family to return hundreds of thousands of hectares of land it owns to its natural state, to stimulate the return of indigenous species to it before the United Nations climate change conference to be held in Britain in October (October).

The concept of ‘land restoration’ (rewalding in English) entails letting biodiversity regenerate in its natural environment without human intervention.
According to estimates by those responsible for this campaign, the land owned by the royal family is equivalent to 1.4% of the area of ​​Britain. A large part of it may be used to stimulate the renewal of natural resources, according to the supervisors of this initiative.
Naturalist biologist and television presenter Chris Buckham, who led the march, said the protesters wanted to see a change from the royal family, describing the demonstration as “the most harmonious, peaceful and beautiful”.
On the other hand, a spokesman for the royal family reminded that the latter has long been committed to protecting the environment, “and it has been looking for new ways to enhance biodiversity, preserve nature and provide the public with access to green spaces.”
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