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جناح تشيلي في إكسبو 2020 دبي

Chile flaunts its space achievements at Expo 2020 Dubai

The pavilion of the Republic of Chile participating in Expo 2020 Dubai presented a visual presentation highlighting its achievements in the space world over the past years, hosted by the “Terra” Amphitheater in the Sustainability Hall.

The presentation began with a video presented by Monica Rubio, from the Department of Astronomy at the University of Chile, winner of the 2021 Science Prize, in which she showed the first clear image of a black hole taken from Chile.

She also highlighted a number of achievements that have been achieved thanks to Chile’s high technologies, and its great interest in developing space technology.

During the visual presentation, Rubio stressed the status of science and exploration at the university, which is an embodiment of the policies set by the state and evidence of the existing cooperation between its institutions.

Then Cesar Ocampo, Director General of the “Atacama Astronomical Park”, spoke about a group of research that includes various fields in space sciences, such as major instruments and laboratories, radio and optics, data, and technological development.

He stressed that by 2030, more focus will be placed on telescopes and observatories in the gathering area.

He stated that the “Atacama Astronomical Park” is the ideal land for testing roving boats, due to the strange nature and dryness of its atmosphere, stressing that it is the ideal place to study astronomy, and that it is the best place to see and observe stars, according to NASA Space Research Agency, while the Atacama Park is It is home to global observatories, and therefore it is coordinating with NASA in a lot on an ongoing basis.

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Philip Saez, Assistant Director of Space Affairs in the Chilean Air Force, talked about the effects of the Covid_19 pandemic, which made everyone come out of his comfort zone, and enter into challenges to come up with opportunities for success through them, and how everyone was patient while trying to reach solutions, with a focus on making space Wide range of solutions is among those solutions, because it provides us with the technology necessary for living.

The presentation concluded by inviting the attendees to visit the Chilean pavilion at Expo 2020, to see more facts about the country’s achievements in this field, and to learn about the rest of the chapters of its story with space.

Chile’s space system agenda is based on space and public value, and provides policies that help advance technology and foster space science.