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China bans tattoos on soccer players

China bans tattoos on soccer players

The Chinese Ministry of Sports has banned tattoos of national team players and asked them to “remove” them, at a time when the communist power intends to put an end to foreign customs considered vulgar and contrary to local traditions.

From music to online games, through reality TV and tutoring, China in recent months has tried to regain control of the younger generation and impose masculine values, in order to counteract the moral decadence that may come from foreign customs.

She called on local authorities to focus on “national” values. Meanwhile, the Chinese audio-visual regulator in recent months has called for “correct” beauty standards and a ban on “effeminate” men and “vulgar influencers”.

The Ministry of Sports said on Tuesday that it was officially forbidden for national team players to “make new tattoos”, and urged those who had previously tattooed their bodies to “remove”.

And she said in a statement that “in special circumstances, tattoos must be covered” during training and competitions, which will result in a ban on calling any athlete with tattoos.

Tattooing in China is generally a case of rejection, as it is still a conservative society, but the young generation has succeeded in rebelling against these customs, especially in major cities.

Soccer fans welcomed the new measures, while one fan asked on social network Weibo: “Should we choose a good player or a saint?”

It is not the first time such disciplinary measures have been taken in Chinese football, as the local federation has ordered players to cover up their tattoos in recent years.

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But unlike this trend, the image of former England international football star David Beckham, who is notorious for his many tattoos, appeared muddled last year in a documentary film broadcast on state television.

A college women’s soccer match last year was also canceled after female players were banned from dyeing their hair.

It is noteworthy that China will play its next match against Japan on January 27, 2022 in the seventh round of World Cup qualifiers in Qatar.

China ranks fifth in the second group, which also includes Saudi Arabia, Oman, Australia, Japan and Vietnam.