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China flexes its "navy muscle" with its super destroyer

China flexes its “navy muscle” with its super destroyer

The affiliated newspaper, Global Times, said: for the Communist Party The mission is the first for the Type 055 Lhasa destroyer since its launch last year.

The newspaper quoted Japanese Ministry of Defense The ship is accompanied by the destroyer “Chengdu” Class 052D and the fuel tanker “Donginghu” Class 903.

The Global Times, citing military experts, stated that the destroyer is part of a Chinese military buildup aimed at deterring any foreign interference in the event of an attack on an island. Taiwan self-governing.

For its part, the Japanese Defense Ministry said that the three ships were spotted 200 km west of the island of Fukui in Nagasaki on Sunday, heading east towards Sea of ​​Japan.

It added that it also spotted a Dongyao-class intelligence ship on Sunday operating near the Tsushima Strait that later sailed into the Sea of ​​Japan, the Associated Press reported.

The Sea of ​​Japan is located to the north of China between the Japanese Archipelago, Sakhalin Island, the Korean Peninsula and the Russian Far East mainland.

The largest naval power in the world

get up Chinese Navy Building ships at a rapid pace, it now boasts the largest naval power in the world in terms of number of ship hulls.

These ships are also developing in terms of design. The Type 055 ships, also known as the “Nanchang class”, have a stealthy design, and are equipped with air defense missiles. and cruise missilesanti-ship missiles, in addition to torpedoes.

It is believed that China It deployed five units of the first planned batch of Type 055 destroyers.

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and classifies US Army The Type 055 is a Renhai-class cruiser, sometimes escorted to aircraft carriers.

China operates two aircraft carriers, with the launch believed to be imminent of a third aircraft carrier.