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China introduces two vaccines in the battle against the highly contagious strain

China introduces two vaccines in the battle against the highly contagious strain

China National Biotechnology Group, a subsidiary ofSinopharmTwo vaccine candidates are candidates to combat COVID-19 Developed by units in the group to combat the strain OmicronThey have been approved for clinical trials, for use as booster doses in Hong Kong.

The group clarified in a statement that the two candidate vaccines, each containing inactivated or “killed” Ommicron virus, are similar to the Sinopharma vaccine used in ChinaThey will be tested on adults who have already received two or three doses of one of the vaccines, Reuters reported.

Scientists around the world are in a race to study updated doses against Omicron, after data indicated that… Antibodies The combination of vaccines produced to combat older strains yields weaker activity in eradicating the highly infectious Omicron strain.

Shanghai and a new record

And the Chinese financial center of Shanghai set a new record for injuries COVID-19 On Saturday, other regions across China imposed restrictions as the country continued its “dynamic zero injuries” approach aimed at eliminating Omicron.

The Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone, an industrial zone in the center of the country, imposed a 14-day closure on Friday, “adjusted according to the epidemiological situation.”

In northwest China, the city of Xi’an on Friday urged residents to avoid unnecessary trips outside their residential complexes and encouraged companies to employ their employees from home or stay at work, after dozens of COVID-19 cases were reported this month.

Shanghai, the epicenter of the latest outbreak in China, recorded on Saturday 3,590 asymptomatic infections, an unprecedented increase, and 19,923 asymptomatic infections on Friday.

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Cases in the city account for most of the infections recorded nationwide, although the closure is still imposed on most of Shanghai’s 25 million residents.