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China is building an "American fleet" to train on hitting it with missiles... Photos

China is building an “American fleet” to train on hitting it with missiles… Photos

Military Monitor

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The US Naval Institute has released satellite images of full-size models of the aircraft carrier “Gerald R. Ford” and the destroyer “Arleigh Burke” lined up in the Taklamakan Desert in central China.

The site where the “American Fleet” appeared is located next to the test site where the People’s Liberation Army tested early versions of the DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile. The images show that China continues to focus on aircraft carrier combat and attack ships. Moreover, unlike other “American aircraft carrier” built by the Iranian Navy in the Gulf, the Chinese model is well-equipped with measuring equipment.

one Objects seen from the satellite look like the surface of an aircraft carrier. Others look like detailed life-size models of warships, including movable ones – one platform is installed on rails with a six-meter track, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Comparing satellite images over the past few years, USNI experts came to the conclusion that the “fleet” appeared in the Chinese desert in 2019, and then was significantly rebuilt several times.

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This is not the first “American aircraft carrier” on display in central China. In 2003, the People’s Liberation Army built a concrete deck the size of a Nimitz-class ship and repeatedly launched missile strikes against it. But the new targets are very similar to the ships they depict.