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China launches "Dongfeng 17" ballistic missiles during exercises

China launches “Dongfeng 17” ballistic missiles during exercises

The Taiwanese ministry condemned what it described as “reckless actions that threaten regional peace,” according to AFP.

In a brief statement issued by Taiwan Ministry of Defense that Chinese Communist Party “Fire several batches of missiles Dongfeng ballistic waters in the waters around northeastern and northwestern Taiwan as of about 13:45″ according to the local time of the island.

The Taiwanese military did not confirm the exact location of where the missiles landed or whether they had flown over the island, which China considers an integral part of its territory.
confirmed Chinese People’s Liberation Army Also firing missiles.

A spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command of Operations, Colonel Shi Yi, said that the Chinese forces launched a “strong attack.” conventional missiles Multiple models on predetermined marine areas off the eastern part of the island Taiwan‘, according to AFP.

“All the missiles hit the target accurately, and the accuracy of the strike and the barriers to entering the area were tested,” Colonel Shi added.

The day before, the Chinese newspaper “Global Times” wrote that the army will for the first time use long-range combat artillery near Taiwan and will use a missile “Dongfong 17“The speed of sound.

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense had said earlier today, Thursday, that Chinese forces It launched a number of missiles in the vicinity of the island of Taiwan, adding that related defense systems were activated in response to a Chinese missile launch.

AFP journalists reported that the Chinese army fired projectiles at Taiwan Strait With the start of large-scale military exercises around the island, which China considers an inalienable part of its territory.

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Also earlier on Thursday, a well-informed source told Reuters that Mr Chinese army It made several rapid incursions into the demarcation line that divides the Taiwan Strait, from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning.

The source, who declined to be identified due to the sensitivity of the matter, said that about 10 ships from Chinese Navy For a brief time, the dividing line crossed before the Taiwanese navy’s boats “blowed away” her.

By Thursday noon, military ships from both sides remained in the area and close to each other.

“(Chinese ships infiltrated the dividing line) and we forced them to move away,” the source said.

He added that many aircraft of the Chinese Air Force crossed the demarcation line several times Thursday morning, which prompted Taiwan to deploy fighter planes and air defense systems to track the movement of the Chinese people. Chinese planes.

The Chinese military exercises came as a response to the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, and is expected to continue from Thursday to next Sunday.

Pelosi’s visit, which arrived in Taiwan on a plane Tuesday evening and left on Wednesday, has strained the atmosphere around the island of Taiwan.

In response, announced Chinese Foreign Ministry The intention of the Chinese leadership to take harsh measures in response to Pelosi’s visit.