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China lays out plans for future space studies

Globallookpress Pu Xiaoxu / Xinhua

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The Chinese National Space Administration announced that experts are working to develop the Chinese space program, to include the study of asteroids and Jupiter systems, and the collection of necessary information about Mars and the polar region of the Moon.

At a press conference in Beijing, Xu Hongliang, a representative of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), indicated that by 2025, China intends to launch a probe, whose mission will be to collect samples from an asteroid orbiting near the Earth and study a comet.

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He added, by 2030, China plans to launch a mission to collect samples from Mars, study the systems of Jupiter and return to Earth.

In addition to this, China intends to launch the Chang’e-6 and Chang’e-7 probes to the moon within the next five years, to study its conditions and resources, and to collect samples from its polar regions.

The representative of the administration announced that at the end of 2022, China will complete the construction of its national space station, in which astronauts will be able to stay for a long period of time to conduct scientific experiments.

“We must coordinate between space science and space technology and the use of space technologies, in accordance with the principle of technical feasibility, financial capabilities and scientific-technical support,” he said.

According to him, future plans also include the development of superheavy transport missiles, reusable space transportation systems, and satellite internet.

He added, “China witnessed new breakthroughs in the mission of the Tianwen 1 probe, which successfully completed an interplanetary journey and landed quietly on the surface of the Red Planet. The success of the orbital flight and the probe’s quiet landing and movement on the surface of Mars, placed China among the world’s pioneers in exploration. For the first time, China was able to communicate over a distance of 400 million kilometers, and receive scientific information about the planet from the Mars rover (probe) directly.

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Source: RIA Novosti