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دراسة: البكتيريا يمكنها الانتقال من كوكب لآخر فى سباق الفضاء

China plans to invite other countries and business partners to stay on its space station

China has big plans for its orbital laboratory, Tiangong Space Station, including inviting international and commercial partners to participate and visit the facility. The station was launched in April 2021 with a housing unit. TianheAnd by the end of this year, it will include two more units, which are facilities Wentian And Mengtian Scientific.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the station is located 340 miles above the Earth’s surface, about 100 miles higher than the International Space Station, and weighs about one-fifth the mass of the International Space Station.

China will launch six missions before the end of this year to complete the station, including sending crews of astronauts on six-month missions and resupply flights.

Chinese authorities say plans for the station, once fully assembled, include inviting space tourists and astronauts from other space agencies to visit, as well as connecting the station to become the control center for a powerful space telescope.

looks like a space telescope Xuntian The Hubble telescope, but with a field of view 300 times greater, will be in a co-orbiting with Tiangong, allowing it to dock for repairs, upgrades and refueling as necessary.

Details of the station’s future plans were discussed during a press conference after the Shenzhou 13 crew of astronauts returned from Tiangong in April.

China will launch the next batch of three astronauts to the station in June, after the last crew returned last month after six months in space.

Also in the future, once the last two modules are launched, future crews will be able to land in space, with up to six astronauts aboard at the same time for a short period of time.

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The next major upgrade of the station will see the second unit attached Wentian b Tianhe In July, with the launch of the third unit Wengtian In October, this will allow a spacecraft to be docked and other spacecraft to arrive with supplies and equipment or to bring in tourists and visitors.