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الصين تخطط لفتح محطتها الفضائية للسياحة خلال عقد من الزمان

China plans to open its space station for tourism within a decade

China plans to open its new space station to keep pace with tourism within the next decade, making it a new player in the business race around space tourism such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, as China launched its Tiangong space station in 2021, the first Chinese project for a long space station term, with final units due to be launched later this year.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the country’s announcement also comes at a time when China continues to produce new billionaires at a rapid pace, much faster than any other country on earth.

While specific details have not been included to determine what the future of space tourism in China will look like, officials said it is likely that people who have not received formal astronaut training will be launched into orbit relatively soon.

Yang Liwei, who became China’s first astronaut in 2003, said that tourists visiting Tiangong “is not a technical issue but a question of demand.”

China is also believed to be working on a more tourist-friendly reusable spacecraft that can simultaneously take up to seven astronauts into space.

The first part of Tiangong’s modular space station was also launched in April 2021, with the first crew arriving a few months later in July to prepare and prepare for the next unit.

Tiangon, which means “palace in the sky”, will eventually have three units, including the Tianhe base unit, which is already in orbit, and two laboratories.