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China produces clean electricity through space

China produces clean electricity through space

China has announced a plan for a giant project that will produce energy in outer space and then send it in huge quantities to the planet, where it will provide huge amounts of energy. clean electricity With little cost and without any pollution, it is called Bishan space solar power station.

According to a report published by the newspaper, Britain’s Daily Mail The project is working to launch a mile-long fleet of solar panels into space by 2035 in order to generate electricity and send it back to Earth, in an attempt to achieve the Chinese goal of preserving the environment by 2060.

Beijing announced that it will produce electrical energy from the space solar energy array, which is equivalent to the production of a nuclear power plant, and that once it is fully operational by 2050, it will send electricity to China and will start with only one megawatt of energy, but by 2049 it will be converted into gigawatts of energy, which is the same The output of the largest nuclear power reactor in China.

The scientists behind the project say that “having an array of solar panels orbiting about 22,400 miles above the Earth in a geostationary orbit would allow the power plant to avoid Earth’s shadow and collect sunlight all the time.” Obstructing the arrival of sunlight, making a space solar station a stable and guaranteed source of electrical energy with zero carbon emissions, that is, without causing any pollution to the inhabitants of the globe or to any place in the universe.

Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov proposed in 1941 the idea of ​​establishing a space power station for the first since that time explored by several countries, including Britain and America.

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The Chinese government has laid the foundation stone for a new space solar power station in Chongqing and named it (Bishan), as tests for this station will begin by the end of this year, with the hope of having a large solar power station actually operating by 2030. He did not say how much the space power station will cost. It is expected to be fully operational for launch or operation, but is expected to be operational by 2035 and to be expanded and become more effective by 2050.

A team, based in the new center, is testing and launching an array of solar panels into geostationary orbit.