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الصين تبني سفينة فضاء بطول 1 كيلومتر

“China” reveals its intention to build a “spaceship” with a length of 1 km

China’s National Natural Science Foundation has revealed a four-year program to try to see if they can build a large 1-km-long spaceship into orbit, which is China’s latest development in the space race with the United States.

Building the massive spaceship would require sending components into space on rockets, and assembling the spacecraft somehow, in zero-gravity conditions.

The Chinese foundation said it is looking into space equipment for future exploration, and its goal is a “long-term stay” in orbit.

If the one-kilometre spacecraft were built, that would make it 10 times larger than the International Space Station.

Chinese state media has revealed that the plans are complex, but the components of the craft must be as light as possible to make the construction viable, especially since no large spaceship has been built in orbit before.

China is currently assembling its own space station, just like the International Space Station, in orbit. The main part of China’s Tiangong space station was put into orbit again in April, floating 236 miles above Earth.

China has planned eleven more missions in the next year and a half to finish building the space station, and the country has also landed a rover on Mars this year as countries like the United States compete in a space race to discover the red planet Mars.

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