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China, “Taiwan will be reunited” – Republic

Taiwan is an “unchangeable” part of the Chinese region, and the fact that both sides of the strait are “reunited” is a “trend of history”.

This was stated by the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, At a press conference held on one side of the annual full session of the National People’s Congress, the legislative body of the Chinese parliament.

Taiwan-China, “Pineapple of Independence” war

“We hope the United States understands how important this issue is,” he said, adding that he hoped the current US administration would distance itself from its previous leadership. Donald Trump, “You don’t play with fire”.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that China “has the capacity to confront any separatist impulse: it must be clear that there is no room for compromise or concessions.”

Taiwan, China warns: “Freedom is war”. Pentagon: “No Conflict”

When asked about the recent friction between the United States and China over Taiwan, Xinjiang and the disputed South China Sea, Wang said Beijing would “never accept baseless allegations and slanders.” The United States has used democracy and human rights as a basis for spontaneous intervention in the affairs of other countries, he said. “America must realize this soon, otherwise the world will continue to experience instability.”

The United States and China disagree on economic practices in the Indo-Pacific region of influence, human rights in Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China’s Xinjiang region.


What makes us understand the first phone call between Biden and Xi Jinping

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Our correspondent Federico Rambini

During the Trump administration, the United States imposed a series of sanctions on China and its officials over the economic policies of Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Beijing, which were not elevated under the new administration.

State Secretary Anthony Blink Instead it is maintaining its predecessor status Mike Pompeo On the genocide against Muslims in Xinjiang.

UN Activists and experts say one million Muslim Uyghurs are being held in Chinese camps. China denies the abuses and says its camps provide professional training and are needed to fight terrorism.

“I am six years old, I love mom and party”: New education in China

Presented by Robert Stephaniki

Wang faced allegations of human rights abuses in Xinjiang, saying some Western politicians had chosen to spread lies about the region and had examined Western countries’ records. When it comes to “genocide”, most people think that North American Indians in the sixteenth century, African slaves in the nineteenth century, Jews and Indigenous Australians in the twentieth century are still fighting, “he said.” The so-called ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang is absurd and instrumental. “