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China to launch the first satellite to explore the sun this year

China plans to launch its first solar exploration satellite this year, with a model of the new satellite on display at the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, Xinhua quoted the satellite’s developer as saying.

The Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said that China will enter a new era of sun exploration with the launch of the satellite.

According to the academy, the satellite’s main payload will be a solar spectrometer to image the H-alpha lines, and the spectrometer will take pictures of the sun in the H-alpha spectrum.

This will help researchers to observe changes in the sun during solar flares, such as changes in the temperature of the sun’s atmosphere and changes in its speed.

While China has established a ground network for observing the sun and made achievements in research areas such as the solar spectrum and solar magnetic fields, it has not yet explored the sun from space.

Experts hope that exploration of the sun from space will promote China’s basic research on the sun, advance the development of related high-tech industries, and contribute to international heliophysics research.


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