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Čína zítra ovládne svět. Přinejmenším ten elektromobilní

China will rule the world tomorrow. At least the electric car – the Supersedan Zhiji L7 is heading to the absolute top

History repeats itself for the second time. In the 1960s, the European-American scientist indulgedly watched the efforts of the Japanese to bow respectfully to technologically advanced cars from the Land of the Rising Sun after twenty years. Two decades later, a similar story happened in Korea, and now it’s China’s turn. With one major difference; The country with the largest raw materials, development and production base in the world will not match Europe and the United States, it will trample them in the country. So at least technologically. The first step has just been taken. During the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show, it was according to Sales of the serial version of the Zhiji L7 sedan have started. This nearly inexpressible name, rewritten in the Pinyin language, is a newly created premium brand of SAIC, which already owns the MG, Roewe, Maxus and Yuejin brands. The Czech version of “Che” is also not without charm. Incidentally, the first 200 items were sold out in 2 minutes and 12 seconds, although one cost 880,000 yuan (2,900,000 CZK), nearly four times the price of Skoda Superb Lauren and Clement. This is despite the fact that the first pieces won’t reach customers until next year.

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no wonder. Already reliable design indicates that the days of picturesque Chinese boxes with stinky interiors, which even auto showroom cleaners laughed at, are long gone. This is a confident machine that can tread on Tesla or Mercedes. And he certainly will, because he has something to offer. Above all, a truly extraordinary device, not yet lacking only the elements we know from the concepts. In particular, 11 kW wireless charging, which the manufacturer claims is the first in the world, but Chinese marketers are more unscrupulous than Western marketers. But the truth is, no one else has yet introduced this technology to a production vehicle. Further, heightened user autonomy; She gets out of the car, leaves it to stop, and returns with an order By the way, independent management is also taken into account, of course. Multimedia uses a display that, unlike Mercedes EQS, is truly uniform from one end of the floorboard to the other. And also an external camera that allows, among other things, to record and share driving videos in real time over the 5G network. Outdoor lighting also offers new possibilities. For example, the stern is decorated with a continuous matrix strip, which, in addition to the taillights, allows to highlight various figures, be they entertaining or informational. In promotional images this was a first case, but the possibility of conveying important information to the surroundings in this way looks interesting.

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But even more interesting things await inside. The 540-horsepower engine (we don’t know by any standard, so we haven’t turned it into a kilowatt yet) and 700 Nm will amaze a few today, as will acceleration from 0-96 km / h in 3.9 seconds. But the batteries attract attention. The base device with a capacity of 93 kWh (not specified whether total or net) looks very interesting, because it allows a range of 615 km according to the NEDC equivalent, so it will not be necessary for the WLTP to be less than 500 km. But an even bigger surprise is coming. Over time, the manufacturer will also save 118 kWh, and it is already possible to go a full 1000 km, albeit as well according to NEDC. Anyway, it means that under certain conditions you can really ride the magic thousand. Croatia is closer by air. And Elon Musk will have to work hard to find an answer to this parameter. But even this is not the end. The car, which was presented to the rest of the world as IM Intelligent Electric Sedan, without specifying what the brand is, what the model name is and what the advertising slogan is, it may have been the first to introduce wireless induction charging from the road, with a decent 11 kW performance. If it expanded, it would be possible to standardize and bill around the world and adjust reliability, which could be the main key to the hearts of fans of internal combustion cars. Just imagine – you are standing in front of a restaurant or at work and then leaving with a charged car without having to touch anything or even engage in anything.

Laughter has already passed. Will we write articles in a few years about whether we will be able to catch up with China?

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