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China’s State Council issues white paper

Reuters Thomas Peter

Chinese flag

China’s State Council Information Office issued a white paper saying that “China did not copy Western democratic models, but created its own democratic model.”

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The white paper issued under the title: “China: Active Democracy” pointed out that “the original aspiration of Chinese democracy is to ensure and affirm the people’s standing as the master of the country,” noting that “Beijing has established and developed a complete process of people’s democracy in line with its national conditions, and that this form of democracy is characterized by With Chinese characteristics, it also reflects a global human desire for democracy.

The white paper added that “full people’s democracy has fueled the country’s development process, pushed for the nation’s vitality and rejuvenation, and also contributed to providing a new model for the international political spectrum,” noting that “China should design the democratic form that best suits it according to its characteristics and reality.” This is a basic principle that China adheres to in the development of democracy.”

He stressed that “the real obstacle to democracy lies not in the different models of democracy, but in arrogance, prejudice, and hostility toward other countries’ attempts to explore their paths toward democracy, in the determination to assume superiority and the determination to impose a specific model of democracy on others.”

Source: “Xinhua”

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