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Chinese astronauts Shenzhou 15 complete a record-breaking fourth spacewalk

Written by Muhammad Ayman

Thursday, April 20, 2023 12:12 PM

Chinese astronauts Shenzhou 15 completed the fourth and final run of their six-month mission.

The mission leader conducted Fei Junlong and major Zhang Lu extravehicular activity (EVA), where they exited through the airlock of the unit Wentian Scientific station tiangong Satellite, where crewmate Ding Ching Ming assisted operations from inside the outpost.

Tasks included Fei And Zhang Install an external pump assembly, which is part of the radiator’s system tiangongon the unit Mengtian Scientific.

Other completed goals were to install internal cabling and hardware to support a science and experimental payload hosting platform, according to a statement from Chinese Space Agency inhabited, according to the site space.

The total number of vehicles launched Shenzhou 15 Number four during their stay aboard tiangong setting a new national record, the crew completed their third spacewalk in late March.

As with Chinese spacewalks The latter, where the activity was conducted without any prior official notification and few details were released after the event, and the EVAs were conducted during Shenzhou Expeditions 12, 13, and 14 when the three-unit Tiangong was being built in a more open manner.

Fei, Zhang and Deng Tiangong are expected to leave next month, after they receive the astronauts of the upcoming Shenzhou 16 mission and hand over control of the station.

Before that, they’ll oversee the arrival of the cargo spacecraft Tianzhou 6 To provide new supplies to tiangong for the next mission, and a Long March 7 rocket is currently being prepared for that mission at the Center Wenchang To launch satellites in Hainan Island Province.

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