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Chinese President Biden: We must achieve world peace

Chinese President Biden: We must achieve world peace

confirmed Xi JinpingFriday, that on China And the United States to “bear their international responsibilities, during a call with his counterpart Joe Biden, according to Chinese TV.

State television CCTV quoted Xi as saying that relations between the world’s two largest economies should “go on the right track”, as part of efforts to establish “peace and tranquility in the world.”

The call is the first between the two leaders since the start of military operations in the country Ukraine.

The two American presidents discussed Joe Biden With his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, by phone, the developments of the Ukraine crisis and other files between the United States and China.

Chinese media said that Xi Jinping called on Biden that Washington should direct relations with Beijing on the right track, stressing that disputes are not in anyone’s interest.

The Chinese president also demanded that the United States work with China to achieve world peace away from tensions.

China has urged the United States to adhere to what it described as a constructive approach to the Ukraine crisis, rather than pouring oil on the fire.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman said that his country has taken a neutral position since the beginning of the crisis and is seeking peace talks, while Washington is working to send weapons to Ukraine.

For his part, Biden warned of “repercussions and consequences” if China provides material support to Russia, as it launches brutal attacks against Ukrainian cities and civilians. The President affirmed his support for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

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The two leaders also agreed on the importance of maintaining open lines of communication to manage competition between the two countries, and Biden reiterated that US policy on Taiwan has not changed, and Washington opposes opposing any unilateral changes to the status quo.