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Choosing a profession of writing starts from childhood

Choosing a profession of writing starts from childhood


November 8, 2022

16:05 pm


2 minutes

Sharjah: «Gulf»
The American writer Neil Strauss and the Egyptian writer Ahmed Murad confirmed that creative writing begins in the form of a journey of self-discovery and a search for a way to participate in life styles in the way that everyone who has the gift of writing is good at, and the two agreed that they find inspiration and experiences in biographies about characters and stages Historic The circumstances in which they prevailed can only be found through biographies.
This came in a dialogue session that brought together the two writers at the Sharjah International Book Fair, under the title “The Book of Celebrities”, moderated by the media personality Sally Moussa, during which they talked about psychological approaches and the early circumstances that led them to walk the path of the writing profession.
Neil Strauss talked about his most famous book “The Game”, in which he tried to provide a social understanding of how to build human relationships intelligently and cleverly, by reaching rules for understanding others, in addition to his follow-up to the community of artists and international celebrities in order to write their biographies that receive great attention from Before the public, especially on social networking sites, which increased the interest of societies in the details of the private lives of stars.
He pointed out that his writing talent began since childhood when he was finding comfort between books until he felt that libraries were the only place he deserved to live in, which led him to the experience of writing, where he completed at the age of 11 his first book, but he did not find his way to publish and did not push him So to despair.
He revealed that his work as a journalist, interviewer and biographer in the “New York Times” allowed him to meet the well-known Iraqi artist Kazem Al-Saher, who told him how his artistic beginnings in Iraq were, and Strauss explained that all the artists he met went through amazing human experiences and stories, and this is what drives him to write about them.
As for Ahmed Murad, he brought back the beginnings of his talent and inclination to write to accompany his father, who was a photographer, and taught him how to look at the world through the camera, in order to notice the details inside each scene before the final image appears for the viewer.
He pointed out that he also owed his tendency to write to his mother’s refusal to buy him a device for electronic games, and that her reluctance to do so, in turn, prompted him to spend a lot of time during his childhood reading.
He revealed that his early childhood imagination was depicting terrifying creatures for him and that he was good at weaving strange stories and tales and telling them to his family, and that writing moved him from imagining scenes and stories to transferring them on paper, especially after he worked in filming a group of cinematic films, including the movie “Days of Sadat.” Cinematography inspired him to think about moving from filming scenes with a camera to making them and controlling their events through writing.

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