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Choosing Al-Shnik to participate in the World Badminton Championship – Al-Ghad Newspaper

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Amman – The International Badminton Federation announced the list of players qualified for the World Championship for the current year, which will be held next August in Denmark. Since the founding of the Federation of the game in 1993.
The selection of Al-Shnik came as a result of his preparation by the Olympic Committee and the Federation of the game almost two years ago, with the aim of playing in the World Championships, where he participated in the doubles competitions in the World Cup earlier, noting that he ranks 51st in the championship classification out of 64 participating players, at the time he advanced It ranks 88th in the world.
The president of the Beit Jaffa club and a member of the board of directors of the federation, Nashat Dalalah, confirmed that the club is keen to provide all the requirements for success for the player Al-Shnik in order to represent the national team and the club in the best representation in foreign tournaments, explaining that he obtained 4800 points in his recent participation in the Asian Championship in Dubai.
In his response to Al-Ghad’s inquiries, Dalala said that the federation is in the process of setting up external camps for the shinken in the host country of the world championship, France and Norway during the coming months, where a strong preparation plan is being developed with the aim of achieving distinguished results in light of the participation of the best players in the world.
He added, “We have been keen to provide all possible material and moral support to Al-Shnik in order to participate in the world championship, and we hope that the responsible authorities will increase interest in individual games and rural clubs that achieve great achievements.
The 25-year-old player had indicated in previous statements to “Al-Ghad” that his next goal, after competing for internal and external tournaments, is to fulfill his childhood dream and reach the Olympic Games in Paris 2024, starting from the current month of May, by collecting the largest Number of points in various international and continental tournaments.
On a separate level, a member of the Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee and Secretary of the Badminton Federation, Omar Bani Hani, won the position of Vice President of the Asian Confederation, in the elections that took place in Dubai at the end of last April.

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