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Christina’s eagle is returning from Africa, but the stork radio has been silent for a long time

“It doesn’t have to mean anything, because in the areas where they usually move in Africa, the infrastructure of the mobile operators’ transmitters is poor. Sometimes it happens that we don’t have a signal for half a year. But on the other hand, during this period, they should The storks are approaching the areas with the densest signal coverage, ”Peter Uriel, head of the Bartosovice station, said of the missing data on the movement of white storks, named Patricia and Yaroslav, and a pair of the Libor and Vít black storks project. Here).

After all, even in the case of a female bald eagle named Christina, conservationists believed she had become a victim of bird hunters while migrating to southern regions.

In the end, they were relieved when her signal came from Ethiopia. Christina was the only young bald eagle in the Czech Republic last year.

“And he will return to Europe. According to the last website, it is currently in Kenya, which is relatively close to the capital, Nairobi.” He is heading north, Uriel said.

He stated that her journey could take a month, moreover, it is not even certain that she will return to her hometown region, i.e. North Moravia. “The important thing is that she is lucky and avoids all the pitfalls that still await her on the way back,” said Uriel.

He was referring in particular to the mountainous region in Lebanon and the surrounding countries, where the movements of birds in the fall and spring constitute a source of livelihood for many people, or just the pleasure of shooting.

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According to Orle, global animal protection organizations are putting a lot of pressure on such nations, but so far they have little influence. He said, “It does not work at all in European Union member states, such as Malta or Italy, not to mention Arab countries where there are no rules for animal protection.”

He pointed out that the European Union has succeeded, at least recently, in banning songbird hunting in leprosy in France. “It took many years, too,” he said. They want to continue to map the movement of migratory birds in Bartuchowice (Web terminals).