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Chrome tracks users

Chrome tracks users

Experts have called on Google users to delete the Chrome browser now, due to the search giant’s tracking of users and collecting their data.

A report published by “Forbes” said that “Chrome” lagged behind competing browsers in protecting users from tracking and data collection, even after the latest update, which indicates that “Chrome” is in a big mess when it comes to security and privacy.

And the report stated that Google admitted that web tracking on the Chrome browser had led to a “failure of trust,” with 72% of users feeling that almost everything they do online is being tracked by advertisers, technology companies or others, and 81% seeing that The potential risks of collecting data outweigh the benefits.” A senior Chrome engineer said: “Research has shown that as many as 52 companies can theoretically monitor up to 91% of the average user’s web browsing history, and 600 companies can monitor at least 50% of the logs.”

According to Forbes, the replacement technology that Google devised to try to prevent users from being recognized and tracked did not fix the situation, and may have made it worse.

This technology, FLoC, aimed to bring together users with similar browsing patterns, that is, to bring together users with similar interests and behaviors so that they would not be targeted as individuals but as a group. However, earlier this year, Google canceled its trial of the program, acknowledging that FLoC technology avoids the privacy risks of third-party cookies, but creates new ones in the process, and exacerbates many privacy issues with behavioral ads, including Including discrimination and targeting.

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Firefox developer Mozilla warns that “surveillance is everywhere … harming individuals and society,” and that “Chrome is the only major browser that does not provide useful protection against cross-site tracking … and will continue to leave users unprotected.” ».

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