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Chrome will look better in Windows 11. Google will cover it in transparent material Mica – Živě.cz

Google has decided to stop ignoring the visual style of Windows 11, which mainly presents a transparent mica texture. It is mainly used in the headers of programs, but sometimes it is also deployed in other parts of the user interface, for example in sidebars and navigation bars.

Chrome follows the same path, relying on Mica for the header. Specifically, it is applied to the space around the cards (the boards, if you will). That is, the cards themselves are not transparent, nothing changes, but everything behind them, including the three main window control buttons, has become more or less translucent.

If you have ever seen Explorer, then in Chrome the result is practically the same, with the difference that the same Google tabs are lighter in it. At the beginning of its life, the browser was not far behind Google, having rounded corners like the rest of the system, unlike the native Edge. As we have shown recently, Microsoft itself is not able to maintain a unified look.

Click for a larger image
Chrome with Mica header that changes colors based on your desktop background

So far, Chrome has only published Mica in the Canary version, so we hope it will move to the stable version soon. Mica is somewhat transparent and always reflects the colors of the wallpaper used. Edge, who had experimented with Mika since last summer but ended the trial this year, also looked the same.

Even the original Edge, which isn’t yet built on Chromium, offered a transparent header years ago. This was before Windows 11 and before Micy was created.

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Click for a larger image
Chrome is a relatively late adopter of mica. Finally fit for Windows 11

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