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Chronology – Full details of Gerard Pique’s crisis with Shakira and their mutual ridicule

After a 12-year love story, Barcelona star Gerard Pique announced his separation from Colombian singer Shakira, in a joint statement between the two, in which they agreed to separate after 12 years of their relationship.

However, after the separation, the atmosphere did not continue to be calm, whether from Shakira or from Pique, as the two sides exchanged ridicule with songs and private pictures, and therefore we review a chronology of the entire crisis between the two parties.

Gerard Pique and Shakira’s crisis… ridicule and attack

First: On Saturday, June 4, 2022, Pique and Shakira announced in a joint statement their separation, as the statement included those words: “We certainly regret the separation for the sake of our children who are at the top of our priorities. We ask for respect for privacy and thank you for your understanding.”

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Pique and Shakira announce their separation after 12 years

Second: On Friday, January 13, 2023, the Spanish newspaper Marca highlighted the lyrics of Shakira’s new song, in which she directed some sarcastic words from Pique’s new girlfriend, and the Spanish newspaper referred to the song’s lyrics, which included: “I changed a Ferrari for a Twingo, I changed A Rolex watch with a Casio watch, and the newspaper indicated that this was a projection of its former partner, Pique.

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Shakira mocks Pique’s new girlfriend in a special song

Third: On Saturday, January 14, 2023, Pique appeared with a gray Casio watch he was wearing, saying it was a watch that would last a lifetime, in response to Shakira’s new song, which mocked his new girlfriend.

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Fourth: Thursday, January 26, saw Pique publish a private photo with Clara Chia Marty, the girl who was reported to be the reason for the separation of the duo, Pique and Shakira, and Pique shared a selfie with Clara through his official account on Instagram and left comments open to all.