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Cinema halls in Morocco... an attempt to save what's left

Cinema halls in Morocco… an attempt to save what’s left

After it was estimated at 247 halls in 1987, the number of rooms has declined cinemas in Morocco It reached nearly 150 halls at the end of the nineties. This shrinkage continued at a rapid pace, until by 2019, only about forty halls remained, distributed among different cities of the country.

Morocco is no different from many other countries; Where the story of the halls is a reflection of the successive developments witnessed by the cinema; From DVDs in the early 2000s, to the spread of the Internet and digital viewing platforms. Thus, the demand for halls declined, and the number of tickets sold during the year fell from forty million tickets at the end of the eighties to less than a million today.

This reluctance had a direct impact on the life of the cinema halls, which found themselves subject to neglect, closure and demolition. As the space available for makers shrinks the movies To present their work to the public.

As part of the attempts to confront this situation, a “Committee to Support the Digitization, Modernization and Establishment of Cinematographers” was created affiliated with the Moroccan Film Center; It is a body affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Communication that was established in 1944. In addition to creating new cinema halls, the committee works to identify and provide financial funding for their development.

Last Thursday, the committee, headed by Mohamed Kelawi, and whose members include: Asmaa Al-Alawi, Fadwa Muroub, Samira Al-Haymar, Ahmed Boughaba, Ahmed Al-Ghamm and Rashid Montaser, announced the allocation of a financial budget of 11 million and 500 thousand Moroccan dirhams to support five halls. cinema in Morocco.

Absent from the new budget are cities that do not contain any cinema, such as Oujda

The budget includes the creation of two new halls; They are: Cinerji in El Jadida and Fox in Beni Mellal, in addition to the modernization of the Dollies hall in Casablanca, and the digitization of both the Rif halls in Casablanca and Espanyol in Tetouan. It is noticeable in the new plan, the continued absence of cities such as Oujda, on the Moroccan-Algerian border, where today there is no cinema hall, after it included many of them in the past.

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And last August, the committee approved a budget for the establishment of the “Airia Park” hall in Casablanca, the digitization of “The Ritz Cinema” and “ABC” and the support of “Lutecia Cinema” in the same city, and support for the “Megarama 2” and “Megarama 3 halls” in Casablanca. Lace.

These decisions are made based on the study of candidacy files from cities to set up cinema halls in them, or from the halls themselves to modernize and digitize them. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication announced new conditions and criteria for obtaining funding for the establishment, modernization and digitization of cinema halls, including determining “the feasibility of the project at the cultural, social and economic level,” and “examining the works of preparing halls nominated for support by a bilateral committee.” Joint between the Ministry of Communication and the Moroccan Film Center”, which prepares a report and submits it to the support committee before deciding on the file, provided that half of the budget allocated for funding is given when the works start, and the other half is awarded upon completion.

And the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed El-Mahdi Bensaïd, had said, in previous statements, that his ministry is seeking to establish more than 150 halls before the end of the current year, which is a very large number, and achieving it on schedule seems difficult if not impossible, given the slow pace of the process. .