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Repetition is the science of the ass!!  Written by: Sadiq Al-Samarrai

Circles of Opportunities and Risks of Cooperation for Russia by Mukhtar Fateh Patel

The Ukrainian crisis has recently added a new arena to the conflict between Russia and Turkey, and a new test of relations between Moscow and Ankara, and Turkey’s attempt to reconcile Crimea with Russia, and on the other hand, is pushing for a military initiative to push for a settlement with Moscow and Kiev. Degree, but after the occupation of Crimea by the Tatar-Turkish majority Ukrainian island of Crimea, which Turkey considers of Turkish descent living on the peninsula, the government in Crimea in recent years tends to establish strong ties with Turkey and the West. Countries preventing Russia from expanding in its territories near the Crimean island, thus resurfacing the old rivalry between Turkey and Russia in Ukraine.
Turkey, by contrast, has never lost its strategic importance to the Euro-Atlantic partners, despite the difficulties of the integration process with the EU, and is now a valuable ally of all parties. In this context, Turkey’s most important partner and NATO’s only representative is capable of mediating the Crimean issue between Russia, the West and Ukraine. In the context of coordination in international political and economic processes and resolving the dangers of NATO’s military presence on the border with the Russian Federation.

Britain’s entry into the crisis line between Russia and Ukraine is currently undergoing a fundamental change in the Ukrainian government and society, sending a warning to Moscow that London is now cooperating closely with its NATO partners to support Ukraine with all its diplomatic and economic capabilities. Independence and its integration to prevent Russian occupation of Ukraine under the false pretense of defending Ukraine’s borders, the situation facing Ukraine today is repeated from the Kremlin’s playback and London accuses it of destabilizing its democratic neighbors in its futile attempt to control its control over the Euro-control. We see experts talking about the pace of events accelerating in Crimea in 2014, the informal alliance of three countries, Turkey, Ukraine and Britain. Crimea by Russia to the Russian Federation is the ideological basis of Ukrainian foreign policy, which can build Ukraine’s relations with Western partners in the short term in the context of political and legal pressure on Russia. In terms of supporting Ukrainian economic interests o.

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It is clear that the problems of recognizing the legitimacy of the 2014 referendum will continue to appear on the international agenda, not only undermining the efficiency of the Russian Federation’s global foreign policy process, but also neutralizing the success of priority Russian efforts in neighboring countries. .

Ukraine’s current Euro-Atlantic agenda is the result of the country’s planned development over the past several decades. , But opportunities to correct anti-Russian sentiment and create an international agenda, taking into account Russian political and economic interests. Neither London nor Ankara crossed the Red Fort in their relations with Moscow.
In this context, Russia’s urgent task is to have a balanced and multifaceted foreign policy dialogue with all parties involved; In the interests of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to initiate processes aimed at resolving the expansion around Crimea and synchronizing the social, political and economic space in the region to include the peninsula in the international economic agenda.