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Citroen brought to life the crazy concept of a small car in the field

Citroen brought to life the crazy concept of a small car in the field

My Ami Buggy was originally introduced by Citroën as a relatively crazy concept of a pickup truck with elements of an off-road expedition, which can be considered a certain slack. However, the prototype aroused reactions, and therefore the French automaker decided to produce a serial model in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

The production version of My Ami Buggy isn’t as wild as the concept, but it still offers plenty of funky perspectives. The body of the mini electric car is made of plastic and painted in khaki. On the outside, Citroën has also opted for a metallic décor and 14-inch wheels with gold paint. The off-road style is complemented by plastic-coated fenders, side sills and tires around the headlights and taillights.

Citroën My Ami Buggy Ultra Limited Edition

Pictured: Citroen

The Limited Edition will be equipped with a fully removable, UV-resistant fabric roof that fits behind the seats when folded. The interior combines plain decor, yellow embroidery and other yellow accessories. Each vehicle will receive its own serial number along with the decal and the words “My Ami Buggy Ultra Limited Edition”.

The car will go on sale on June 21 in France, with the first cars arriving to customers around August 8. Citroën has not released prices or said if customers will be able to purchase the car outside France.

It only remains to mention that under the hood of the small ATV will be a standard electric motor with a lithium-ion battery 5.5 kWh, which provides 8 hp and a range of up to 70 kilometers.