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City of Science in Tunisia: The 19th edition of the Starry Night, an opportunity for astronomy enthusiasts to enjoy and listen to specialists (video)

City of Science in Tunisia: The 19th edition of the Starry Night, an opportunity for astronomy enthusiasts to enjoy and listen to specialists (video)

The City of Science in Tunisia will organize tomorrow evening, Friday 5 August 2022, the nineteenth session of the Starry Night, from 7 pm to midnight.

The Science City was prepared for the event it wanted, in addition to the scientific value, in a festive and pedagogical atmosphere, in the presence of well-known scientific competencies from inside and outside. The lectures also included musical, theatrical and other performances about the archaeological site of the Science City.

“This session is a valuable opportunity to observe the sky and watch the meteors and meteors that are seen in the last part of the night, such as meteors rain known as brisket, as well as many pleasant astronomical surprises for astronomy enthusiasts in a fun festive atmosphere.
During this evening, we suggest for lovers of astronomy to watch the moon in its first quarter.
We will also be able to see Jupiter and Saturn, as well as some objects from the depths of the sky through telescopes placed throughout the city for visitors.

** As for the performances about the summer constellations, the supervisors of the activation from the City of Science in Tunisia and the civil society associations concerned with astronomy will provide them: presentations and activations with models and other pedagogical equipment in cooperation with the Tunisian Association of Astronomy, the Tunisian Association of Youth and Science, the Tunisian Space Association and the African Association for the Development of the Digital Chamber The Tunisian Aviation Association, the start-up AcaRobotics, and others…

In the evening program, there are many lectures by scientific competencies from Tunisia, America, France and Morocco, among which we mention:

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Earth observation and climate change, d. Mehrez Zribi, Director of the Center for Space Studies and the Earth’s Biosphere CESBIO in Toulouse, France, Jupiter’s Atmospheric Movement and Fluid Mechanics, Nader Al-Masmoudi, Professor of Mathematics at New York University, Member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts in the United States of America and recipient of the Fermat Prize for Mathematics” for the year 2017 and the King Faisal Prize for Science for the year 2022 .

Applications of artificial intelligence in space, Dr. Salma Berkaoui, engineer specialized in applied mathematics for space sciences and associate member of the InSight mission at NASA and the National Institute for Space Studies in France Tunisia’s first step in space: Challenge 1”, representative of TelNet Tunisia

Virtual lecture: The development of human thought in astronomy, a. Sofiani Fouad, Professor of Physics at Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, Morocco.

++++ Scientific competitions and important financial prizes for the city’s audience

The evening program also includes a series of scientific presentations at Ibn Khaldun amphitheater in the city, a live presentation of the evening’s activities, viewing with telescopes, exhibition pavilions in mathematics, physics, biology and astronomy, and scientific workshops for the public.

The evening will include musical interventions by the distinguished violinist, Toqa Al-Askari, and a theatrical performance by the Center for Dramatic and Recreational Arts in Manouba, which is referred to the Ministry of Culture.

** Ticket prices: five dinars
** More than 8 thousand visitors are waiting during the evening, and without the need for pre-booking!