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Clean fun for 24: Fashion trendsetters are dangerous to girls’ health for these reasons

Obsession of women with anorexia nervosa (expressive)

Thursday 11 May 2023 / 16:32

Adolescents rush after fashion pioneers and models, and their healthy and dietary patterns, regardless of their health, which has created unhealthy health habits among some girls, when they are influenced by them.

And one of the most widespread nutritional disorders, affected by the ideal standards of beauty, is “anorexia nervosa” or what is called “anorexia nervosa”, which is characterized by abnormal weight loss, and the nutritionist believes that most of his cases are affected by celebrities, and that they are psychological disorders before they were nutritional.”
Jordanian Nazif said, “Following celebrities and blindly imitating them has resulted in a decline in knowledge of true self-worth, and one of these consequences is anorexia disorder, which conveys an ideal image of very skinny models as ideal specifications.”
According to this disorder, Nazif asserts, “many women are affected by thinness as a standard of beauty, which leads to them having a severe fear of gaining weight, so their diet is based on determining food quantities according to strict schedules and numbers.

“Some cases reach extreme levels of disorder, which leads them to take stomach-softening medications to get rid of food, or to vomit after eating meals. This affects the lack of vitamins and minerals and the need for medical intervention, or heart valve problems due to lack of calcium, in addition to pallor and general fatigue. or amenorrhea in women,” Nazif points out.

In this type of disease, the culmination of problems related to self-confidence, because it reaches an “obsession with thinness in an abnormal way”, because the source of confidence becomes in obtaining the lowest number on the scale for the patient, and in some cases vitamins and minerals decrease in the body, until the patient needs to enter a hospital and receive treatment.
Nazif says, “Treatment of the disorder begins with the psychological gap in the person, and subjecting him to exercises that enhance self-confidence and self-love.”
It considers that “the category most affected by infection is adolescents,” when individuals are infected from the age of puberty in it, their body structure will be affected, because it is in the process of development.
Many American actresses had several experiences with nutritional disorders, the most important of which was “anaroxia”, which affected “American singer Diana Ross and actress Lucy Hale”.

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