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Clear skies are being watched by Starlink satellites for Internet monitoring from SpaceX

Clear skies are being watched by Starlink satellites for Internet monitoring from SpaceX

Tonight, the American time blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center, gave the Falcon 9 rocket, which helped bring the entire debris of 60 internet satellites from Starlink into orbit. In this Master of Science, it was her second assignment. As if in May, SpaceX is at least set to equalize a record-breaking race year, when it carried out up to three starlink missions. For a while, Elon Muska’s vision company continues to build a so-called satellite constellation, which can ensure the availability of the internet around the world.

It is filled with almost two thousand Starlink satellites above our heads, thanks to which it is possible to use satellite internet in test mode, especially in North America, but also in Europe. The company began its introduction in Germany and Great Britain.

As far as satellites are known, they can be observed from Earth under good conditions. Bidefm the bag shortly after release. SpaceX, in relation to birds, has been implemented by a number of astronomers, which limits their luminosity, respectively. Vision. Thanks to the new color design, the most important programs revolve around the tilt / orientation of the Starlink solar panels.

Visualize the days of the current location of the Starlink satellite (9 pm)


As a population of the Czech Republic was registered on Saturday night, there is now a whole wreck at our observation post. These are the Starlinks that launched on April 29, so now go to the sea somewhat near, there won’t be a variety spot in orbit in most cases. Today, Sunday, May 9th, they can be noticed from around 9:38 PM, especially in the dark, when they leave WSW and head to VSV. Payer pays a salary in Prague. The observer, for example, in the west of the republic, captures satellites with an eye in two minutes, and the observer in the north, for example, has to direct his eyes to another horizon. In any case, the so-called Muskv satellite lift should not be a vision problem. For the best experience / best visibility, it is always advisable to choose a city with the least amount of light smog

Today, the elevator can be seen twice a day when Garden jet from approx 23:19 pm. Her bag will be less volume, that is, sheen, and her note will not be very attractive. In addition, for Prague it is not so, but at about 40 degrees. The direction can be determined from WNW towards NE.

The ritual must proceed carefully On Monday, May 10. And around 9:56 pm,When the satellites appear from the back and point to VSV.

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