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Clear View was fined $ 22.6 million for violating UK data protection laws

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has fined face recognition agency Clearview AI 17 17 million ($ 22.6 million) for violating UK data protection laws, according to a report involving technology.

Clearview failed to inform citizens that it was collecting billions from their photos and other abuses, and ordered it to stop further processing residents’ personal data.

The regulator said Clearview had failed to process people’s data “in the way they expected or reasonably”, and accused the company of failing to obtain a legitimate reason for collecting the data and failing to meet GDPR standards for biometric data. Failed to get process to prevent data being stored indefinitely and failed to inform UK residents what is happening to them.

The ICO noted that Clearview’s services were used on a trial basis by several UK law enforcement agencies.

Images in Clearview AI Inc’s database may contain data from a large number of people in the UK, and may be anonymously collected from publicly available information online, including on social media sites.

The UK and Australia launched a joint investigation into Clearview AI last year, and regulators were concerned about Clearview’s practice of collecting data and images from social media sites such as Facebook.

It also sells the data to law enforcement agencies that allegedly allow it to identify criminals or victims. However, the company’s business practices have raised a number of privacy concerns, and the New York Times reports that Clearview AI is considering an appeal.

The company’s attorney, Kelly Hegdorn, said in a statement:[كليرفيو فقط] Provides generally available information to law enforcement agencies from the Internet, “My company and I have worked for the benefit of the UK and its people by assisting law enforcement in resolving heinous crimes against children, the elderly and victims of dishonest acts,” Clearview AI CEO Hwan Tun said in a separate statement.

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Earlier this month, Normal Australia issued a similar ruling, claiming that Clearview AI infringed on residents’ biometrics information by infringing on their privacy, and that the country’s OAIC had cleared Clearview of “collecting face images and biometric templates from individuals in Australia and ordering all facial images and bios”. Collected templates.

In the United States, the American Civil Liberties Union recently sued Clearview for violating Illinois laws. Twitter, Google and YouTube all sent termination and termination letters to the company, claiming they were violating their terms of service. Its data.

The company told the New York Times that this was the first fine facing Clearview, and the ICO wrote that the ruling could be further appealed to the commissioner, so the fine and enforcement are “subject to change” and the ICO expects to make a final decision by mid-2022.